Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doing It

I've made a little headway on the oldest boy's room. Do you want to take a peek?

If you don't remember the general feel I was going for, I made a basic design plan here.

Then I bought the bed and pillow here.

Bedding is difficult for an older boy. His pirate sheets totally didn't work anymore. A comforter? Hurl.

I found this charcoal grey cashmere blanket at the thrift store yesterday (it's from that brief period of time when Banana Republic made some luxury home/gift items and cashmere baby clothes). It was new, the right size, and $12.95. The antique bed means I have to walk a fine line between granny and hip/young. The bedding looks masculine and kind of vintage militaria to me. I think it works.

We're going for a dark grey-blue wall and tested out some big swatches. The darkest one got the thumbs up.

But my most favorite addition is the brushed bronze starburst lamp. We had to have an electrician punch holes up the wall and across the ceiling to put it in. Our 90-year old house is almost completely timbered...there's only a couple inches between each framing beam, whereas most homes have one beam per wall and one across the ceiling. Thus the zigzagging holes.

Now we need to get the rest of the furniture (I'm thinking industrial) and art (some cool art posters from Poster Cabaret?)

This vintage Kevi chair would look delish in here, right?


  1. Love, love, love the starburst ceiling lamp. He is soooooo lucky and I am totally jealous.

    (At first, I thought it might have been one that you made, like at Brick House's dining room.) A cool little pad for the young gentleman.

    And I definitely want to see what color you put on those walls! (Hey, is there room for a map? Did you know that Urban Outfitters had butterfly chairs on sale? And, that they have a leather version? But, it's sadly not cheap - although it might actually be cheap.)


  2. Thanks! I looked for a vintage starburst forEVER, and then found a seller on Ebay who makes new ones that look really authentic (and I don't have to worry about the old wiring starting fires in my kid's room!)
    I should add the link if I can find them again..
    I actually think I could make one (or you could)! It's really just one center orb part and some straight rods connected.
    I totally have room for a vintage pulldown map, but now i can't find any i like!
    a leather butterfly chair would be PERFECT..Morgan has some nice ones. Maybe she's tired of them? ;)

  3. Just get your boy to spill some milk on them - so they're ruined - and she can give them to you. Jking.


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