Monday, January 3, 2011

The ones that got away

They say he who hesitates is lost. And that the early bird gets the worm. Well, not always. Sometimes it's the crazed buyers with RSS feeds, BlackBerry Wi-Fi, paid pickers and illegal substances to keep them awake who get it.

So let's enjoy a moment of silence as we review a year in close-but-no-cigar moments for Modernhaus.

The Eames Time Life chair. In my opinion the most beautiful office chair ever made. In red. For free. Approximate retail $3000*. But you exercise what you think is restraint because your storage is already too full. Later you cry into beer.

The Eames House Bird. $2.95 at the thrift store. "Oooh, that's cool. But who's going to buy a bird?" Later, at home, find out that EVERYBODY wants to buy this bird.

Paul Evans Cityscape coffee table. $12.95 at the thrift store (approximate retail price $8000-$10000*). Walk around it a few times, poking at it and wondering "What does this thing DO? Is it a giant special edition Rubix cube? A Transformer?"
Find out later that you really need to get skooled in design. And that when your brain tells you, "This is something" you should really start listening.

Bruno Mathsson Pernilla chair. $75. Retail, a trillion dollars*. Wonder if the wood is warped or supposed to look like that. Later, enlightenment courtesy of 1st Dibs. And a forehead slap.

1960s Eames lounge in black leather with rosewood. $200. Approximate retail value $5000*. Call the seller within moments of posting. Find out Speedy the Craigslist Wonder Boy is already on his way to get it. Listen to owner say he hates that old chair. Wonder if he has any of other old things he hates.

But I'm not complaining. Despite my technologically inept, old-fashioned ways of sourcing finds, I've had some amazing pieces this year. So enjoy the schadenfreude today, because tomorrow (or as soon as I can manage it) I'm gonna make you soooo jealous.

What's your best "find"? Care to share?

*retail prices are wishful-thinking, "What recession?", 1st Dibs prices for dramatic effect


  1. What????

    Oh. F-you. Now when you have a Eames bird moment, or a pernilla chair debate your ass is texting me a picture. I will text slap some sense into you.

    I don't have any good miss stories like these.

  2. That's b/c you know EVERYTHING.
    I like getting text slapped by you.

  3. my husband threw away a teak lounge chair that i got at a garage sale for a dollar (i even pushed it home in a stroller and carried the baby on my hip for, like, half a mile) because he thought it was ugly. the exact same chair fetches about $600 on ebay. i kind of wanted to kill him.

  4. "I pushed it home in a stroller"
    Anonymous, that is hard-core dude.
    p.s., I never find anything for a dollar!

  5. This is a little late but if I could not have the eames chair at $200 I would have sent the seller a link showing him how much it was really worth.


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