Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Got Gotten

I was feeling so droopy yesterday afternoon (I blame it on all the blood pooling in my butt from sitting so long), so to perk myself up I jammed over to "my" thrift store before the carpooling marathon commenced.

All of the clothes, shoes, and books were half off, so I pulled the trigger on a couple of impulse buys.

A vintage Phaedon book on Mid Century cinematography. It's so bee-yootiful. Is it just me or did technology kind of ruin photography? The photos from the 60s are so luscious.

Some gorgeous brown Western-y size (oh thrift store, sometimes you are a disorganized dirtbag, and sometimes you are so thoughtful).

Some vintage pigskin brogues/wingtips for my main squeeze (or this guy, depending on who's nicer...)

A sweet,vintage Hudson's Bay knock-off (I really like the softer, heathered colors more on this knock-off than the original...perfect for a nursery of kid's room)

And an antique Italian jardiniere signed "Gio" on the bottom. Could it be Gio Ponti? Maybe. From his first high school ceramics class. Who knows. Gio is going to hold my cotton balls for me.

So, alright, I didn't discover any Egyptian artifacts or anything. But it was really satisfying. There's nothing like a little guilt-free retail therapy.

Droopy no more, I swung my sensible car onto the road and cranked my mom tunes (Beastie Boys, misogynistic lyrics changed in my head). With my bag of loot riding shotgun, I merged into the chaos and drove like the wind.


  1. Your local thrift spot is good! Loving those wingtips, if only I could get Jeremy to wear stuff like that.

  2. We have enough wingtips for a Madewell pop-up store. Ridiculous.


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