Monday, January 31, 2011

A San Diego weekend....with teens

After a Saturday morning of volunteering and trying to avoid jail time by finally getting to my 2009 taxes, I was ready.

Ready to find out what everyone means when they say they can't wait for the weekend.

The radness of having older kids is that "doing family stuff" no longer involves petting zoos that you have to pretend to be all into, or brainless cartoon movies about smart babies and dumb parents. Yay!

What does it involve? A visit to Pablo at Soul Grind to talk about "downhill decks" and "flexing trucks" (if you're new to skate lingo, this is a mother's worst's Tokyo Drift on a skateboard).

This visit should be followed up by a tour of the Children's Hospital "He Wasn't Wearing a Helmet and Now He Has No Face" Unit.

Here's Pablo. If you feel the urge to spill your brains or lose half your skin surface on San Diego pavement, he's your man. The nicest guy ever, and the hero of the Groms.

What next? A lady-like salad for mom? Nope. Epic burritos featured on Man v. Food, from Lucha Libre.

Shrimp, carne asada, avocado, french fries, chipotle sauce. You can call ahead to reserve the gold "winner's" booth! Don't be fooled by the picture-it was jam-packed and you had to pull some Lucha moves to get to the salsa table.

Hat shopping. "You look stupid in that hat." "I'm going to pull down your pants and spank you right here if you talk like that again."

They even gave me 15 minutes in Anthropologie. "Mommmmmmm, are you done yet are you done yet are you done yet?"

Sunday morning an angel brought me the Los Angeles Times and bottomless coffee in bed. And banned children and dogs from the room.

Then everyone got new shoes.

And we took them to the wet beach to break them in.

We checked out some of Dad's super-secret surf spots, which all seem to be named Dead Man's something or other. Why is that?

And in between, I accidentally-on-purpose (I wasn't supposed to be working but it's not work if I'm having fun!)stumbled across some major cool finds...TBA!

Lucha interior by San Diego Daily Photo


  1. What a firecracker family.

    All I can think of is safari chairs and sushi deli. So, when can I come over and eat ten pounds of raw fish again?

  2. Fizz bang!
    Please come now. So hungry.

  3. i am dying, *dying* at your blog! I love it and it cracks me up and is exactly what I needed this morning! And don't even get me started on the "you know if your a hipster if..."! You so called me out, hilarious!

  4. thanks girloliver! yours is beeyootiful-awesome style,girl!

    p.s. I called myself out too...thanks for not thinking I'm a jerk. You may be a hipster but you're not a wimpy crybaby hipster ;)

  5. omg...after I said that, I thought, but actually, i know hipsters, and I don't think any of them would consider me one of *their* kind. I am just a tired ole mom now! I thought it was a great. You have found a reader in me!

  6. Love the pix of your family, Summer! And your haircut is still gorgeous.

  7. And I'm still madly in love with you Sarah!


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