Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is it O.K.?

That just thinking about the words "jazz hands" makes me Liz (see 30 Rock obsession prev. post) in my pants?

That I persist in trying to find a Lean Cuisine that pairs well with Shiraz?

That this man is a national hero?

That I just spent more on the goshdang pillow than on the whole goshdang antique Italian bed for teen Liberace?

That I want to punch the "manly woods" poster maker man in the groin?

Thought so. But I still wanted to check.


  1. I am constantly flabbergasted by the cost of pillows. Its a stupid small piece of cloth for fucks sake.

    I saw a $400 pillow and immediately punched the sales lady in the face.

  2. Yeah, like there's some mysterious method to the squareness or something...if we could only crack that code and make our own square things.
    Jonathan Adler's got me over a barrel with the handwoven stuff tho-I haven't spun wool since the Gold Rush.

  3. Out of consideration for your knuckles i thought you might like to know that Manly, Frenchs Forest and Warringah are districts/suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Which most likely means that they are suburbs of England. So if the poster originated from Australia or England, i'd say you might owe that poster maker man some form of ice pack for his groin.


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