Monday, December 27, 2010

Which blogger would you...

Some blogs are super anonymous, but most of the time you get a pretty strong sense of the person behind the blog. And then you tend to draw some conclusions. "Good mother", "funny and smart", "alcoholic". That sort of thing.
So I thought it would be fun to end the year with a game of "Which blogger would you--"Feel free to re-post and play the game on your own blog, or give your answers in the comments.

SO, which blogger would you...
-let re-decorate your house while you were away?
Brick House. I trust that she would take cues from my existing design and inject some of her own.

-travel out of the country with?
Bink & Boo. She seems kind, cool, funny, and laid-back. And she likes to thrift and poke through vintage stuff, so I think we'd agree on the itnerary.

-leave your kids with?
Nonchalant Mom and Soule Mama. Despite her name I think NM is chalant. Very chalant. She would make sure of the tooth-brushing and homework. While Soule Mama would make them go outside and climb trees (but so, probably, would NM).

-want for a big sister?
The big sister of all lifestyle blogs, of course. Joanna Goddard/Cup of Jo. She's cool (but never too-cool-for-school), sweet, knows lots about lots, is well-connected, and would probably be so much fun to stay up all night talking with.

-hire to throw you a party?
Oh Happy Day! She's always putting together these intimate little dinner parties in unexpected locations (a beach under the Golden Gate Bridge, for instance).

-want in your book club?A Bloomsbury Life. Duh. I love how she finds modern parallels in dusty old novels.

-want to give you her wardrobe?
Bleubird Vintage. Maybe someone else's wardrobe is more expensive and modern, but Bleubird is closest to the way I actually like to dress.

-want to be for a day?
This one is hard. Since it's only for a day, you want to choose someone with a drastically different life. Something you couldn't experience on your own.
My Marrakesh, I think. Definitely someone raising kids as an expat, running a cool little business from an exotic locale. Yes. Yes, yes, yes!

Tell us your answers. We'd love to know! Maybe you'll turn us all on to something new...

photo credits: Tongue in Cheek, pret a voyager, Oliver Webber, My Marrakesh


  1. I'll redecorate! I'm coming over. We are going to style the shit out of your house.


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