Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boys Club

Since the youngest Haus boy took over my office and got a hasty re-design and some new furniture, the oldest has gotten pretty whiney about his babyish Pottery Barn bunkbeds and lime green walls. Oh, boo-hoo.

After I got over being irritated that nothing is ever good enough for kids these days (uh, kid you got your OWN BEDROOM...something I have waited my whole life for and don't think I'll ever get at this point), I took a look and decided he's right. And secretly, I really want the challenge of designing a boy's room that doesn't look theme-y (no PB Teen faux-skater wall murals, futons, or Metallica posters) and is consistent with the rest of the house.

So, to get all my ideas in one place I thought I'd create a project board. Obviously some of these pieces are "inspirational" in nature and I'll find things on Craigslist that approximate the style (the Arne Jacobsen egg chair, for example, is possibly not happening).

The foundation elements are a dark wall (I'm thinking charcoal) and an antique wooden spool bed.

The purpose of the dark wall? To provide a backdrop to the accessories: a Mid-Century floor lamp (I really want a brass eyeball lamp), and vintage school maps above the bed. I thought it would be cool to find maps of places he wants to travel to (currently Japan and Australia).

A gleaming old tanker desk and vintage Army trunk (we already have this piece) should be pretty hard to destroy. Plus, both pieces say "boy" without shoving it down your throat.

Finally, I know leather is a masculine cliche, but it's one that I subscribe to. This room is all about textures and surfaces, and I love the texture of old leather.

Now to harness my Craigslist super powers and make it happen!

picture of bedroom with dark wall courtesy of m'lady Morgan at Brick House

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