Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going to there-cheap travels in Kauai

Here's a hint: rent a vacation house.

and hiking there

snorkeling here

driving to that

sleeping in that

kayaking up that

and there will be no guest-blogging. I suggest you troll the archives, as they are mildly entertaining. I read old posts to make myself laugh. Sometimes at my pompous verbosity. Sometimes at my acid wit. Sometimes at my amateur, yet winning style. Ha ha. That sounds like a New York Times book review.
Anyhoo, if you're good I'll bring you 1980s pooka shell necklaces. If you're really, really good I'll bring you a dolphin toe ring. You know you lost your last one at a pool party in 1989. You know, the one you wore with your denim overalls.

So, I hope I don't die of scared-ness when I feel my foot touch something in the water. I hope I don't die of hyperventilating while scuba-ing.
I hope I don't come back too overpopulated with freckles. I hope there is something to buy other than sarongs and ankle bracelets. I hope I can develop a taste for shaved ice and sand in my crack, when what I really want is a nice museum somewhere in Europe.

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  1. We'll miss you, Summer! Enjoy your vacay.
    Also, I originally read your post as saying, Going to Go There. As in, don't go there.
    So I was looking for something really sassy. But, I guess outrageously beautiful is okay too.


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