Sunday, July 18, 2010

String Theory

You could totally do this. Have your girlfriends over (or male friends--whatever, I won't judge) and drink sangria and make these. The sangria will make them come out prettier. And no, I'm not going to stop mentioning sangria in every post until the summer is completely, totally over. Which, in San Diego, means late October suckas!

Did you know I have ginormous piano-playing hands and can't wear slip-on bracelets? Nope. They won't fit over my giant paws. Once, in Mexico, I tried on a beautiful silver bracelet and couldn't get it back off. Remember the "Man-hands" Seinfeld episode? Yeah. Deeply offensive to me and my big-handed brethren (support group, anyone?). But I have an octave reach, which made banging out loud Beethoven-fueled adolescent angst on the piano pretty fun. Silver lining and all that jazz.

SO, make these bracelets and then open up an Etsy store and make millions after Cup of Jo features you in a post that reads simply, "I like these."

In case you're link-impaired, click here for the down-low.

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