Friday, July 16, 2010

Bits 'n Bobs

To me, this is the ideal wedding photograph. Everyone should have a least one picture of themselves where they feel relaxed, glowing, and gorgeous (I'm still waiting for mine!):

by stephanie williams photography

West Elm is going to turn me into a crazy, rug-collecting old woman. This is a great summertime rug with white slipcovered furniture and driftwood-y accessories (none of which I have):

Desert Fete's lucious film photography (Jamie I don't think you even know how good you are...):

The best little girls' room, making artful use of Marimekko wallpaper and IKEA pieces:

This high-waisted yellow linen skirt from the defunct Blueprint magazine...yep, I've been holding onto this picture THAT long:

This zig zag lamp, which is ethnic and graphic and perfect:

Beach camping in Malibu in my vintage turquoise trailer: come back in August and I'll have some pic's for ya.

That's it ladies and gentlegerms!

(got to run, will upload live links and the rest of the attributions shortly ;)

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