Monday, July 26, 2010

Historic mansionette for sale...

Be my neighbor, won't you? In the market for a turn-of-the-century hilltop estate? Yeah, I thought so! Aren't we all? Really though, I love this property. It's the view from my front door, and after 99 years of belonging to the original family, it has hit the market.

I keep seeing these investor-types milling about, but I'm really hoping that someone committed to preservation and as in-love with this historic neighborhood as I am nabs it. That's the original circular artist's studio built out of rock...our neighborhood was once a thriving spa retreat/artist's colony with springs that were thought to have healing powers!

I guess you've discerned that Modernhaus isn't very modern at all...

Here's another neighbor, the Todd House. After painstakingly restoring the house, the owners divorced and I bought their ginormous restored turn-of-the-century piano. I'm waiting for the new owners to invite me to a lawn party, Great Gatsby-style.

What is your ideal neighborhood?


  1. Oooooh... yes, please! If I could afford it... :-/ You live in a lovely part of town! I must say, it makes me very curious what your house looks like!

  2. Thanks Renate! For some reason I feel the same way about photographing my house as I do about photographing myself: "I'll do it when it's perfect"
    I should post a few photos...

  3. I'm sure all your readers are dying for you to do so. Just zone in to a fashionable 'wabi sabi' frame of mind: beauty lies in imperfection. Everyting is constantly evolving, appreciate things as they are now because before you know, they'll have changed.
    It's what I keep saying to myself, too.
    That, and that one day, I'm really going to clear out ALL that clutter, I'm going to pay someone to keep the shower and the kitchen spotless, and the cats will stop shedding (and shredding ;-) so I can buy the beautiful sofa without fear of it being ruined within a week. Ah, one day.... ;-)

    PS: the glimpse of your garden and the view from your terrace was a wonderful teaser!

  4. Renate, you're so right of course. I DID tease you with the view, didn't I? Heheheheh...


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