Thursday, July 15, 2010

Josef Frank and those damn Swedes

When I cranked up la computadora this morning, I thought, "Huh, that Google logo looks like Josef Frank fabric!"
Well, I guess I know my unaffordable Swedish design history because it was indeed a tribute to the designer.
A while back I designed a little fantasy nursery around one of Josef Frank's best-known textile designs.
I had read that he designed over 200 textile patterns, and a little research led me here.

Oh dang. He designed a heckuvalot more than textiles. Here are some highlights from the website (which handles the licensed reproductions), but you should really grab a cuppa and head over yourself. It's amazing.

Designer's challenge: can you find the things that influenced Peter Dunham, Orla Kiely, Lotta Jansdotter, and even IKEA?

Some furniture highlights (this is where I see Frank's influence on Peter Dunham's interior designs; the fig trees, the wicker, the classic-meets-organic style):

Two new favorite textile designs:

How is it that these bags aren't EVERYWHERE (oh, maybe it's the pricetag)??

The wallet is made from his "Manhattan" print...I would love to carry one:

Stunning lighting, which looks to have influenced Tommi Parzinger pretty heavily:

A number of delicious design books, with lots of potential for cutting and framing:

A full line of vases, planters, and other botanical supplies:

Plates, trays, children's dishes, sculpture:

What's your favorite piece? I dare you not to want it all!


  1. Beautiful !! I have never studied textiles , design, art etc.. but WOW !! I discovered Josef Frank by the google ad , i instantly fell for it , like a perfect candy . Thank you for sharing your photos , and hint on how $$$$$ his work is. Im saving and inspired .

  2. Summer,

    You read Swedish?

    I clicked on the link, and yes, it is comprehensive. I was having an "organ-borgan-forgan" Swedish chef moment though because I could ALMOST understand some of what it was saying.

    Oh, well. Pretty things are the same in any tongue.

  3. Sarah, what is that term for words that are the same or similar in two different languages? Cognates? My favorite one from this site: "klicka for att zooma"
    Now every time I'm going to click to enlarge a picture I think "klicka for att zooma!"


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