Friday, July 30, 2010

Cheap Lust

Craigslist find of the day: a 1969 Datsun Roadster for $ if I could just airlift it to the Amalfi Coast and real quick-like order a vodka tonic and some mussels at a seaside cafe...

Rediscovering (thanks Molly) the cheap joy that is Forever 21 (even though I would have had to break my arms and my pelvis in order to fit into some of that stuff-what's UP with that??)
The perfect Frenchie boatneck shirt I bought for $9.50

And the splurge-y $24.80 silk striped one I'm going back for

The perfect orange nail polish, $6.50 Sally Hansen "All Fired Up"

And these phenom shoes (thanks a heap Jamie) that I am *this close* (holds up two close-together fingers) to ordering.

Oh yeah, but save your money for travel and all that baloney. That was SO yesterday!


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