Friday, July 2, 2010

Biker Mamas

Right after watermelon and sunburns, the bike is one of the most classic symbols of summertime.

You can wear it:

(Anthropologie, of course)

Hang it on your walls:

(Poster Cabaret)

Take your quadruplets for a spin or move your whole apartment on one:

(Madsen cargo bike)

Or watch this cult classic 70s movie about racing them:

I'm a little freaked about riding my bike on the street alongside traffic. What about you? Do you own and use a bike?


  1. didn't we already have this conversation? about, like, pershing? love riding my bike but i am SUCH a wimp about hills.

  2. Jamie, that's cuz you can ride your bike to BLAH...out here I've got the Falcon's Lure which is not much of a lure despite the name.

  3. you need to move to Portland


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