Friday, July 23, 2010

Bon jour Mademoiselle

You have to love that that's the name of this chair.
Available now in the store.


  1. i mozeyd on over to ebay, but they did not seem to have a way to accept currency that is based on photo shoots and prints. weird.

  2. Wha?? You can't pay in talent on Ebay? Hmm, we got to fix that. A little tab right after "Pay using Paypal".
    I don't even know if this thang is going to sell..Ebay is so dead right now. If I can't get cash money for it, maybe we can chitchat about trade? I keep thinking I'll get pro photos when I'm not ugly and/or chubby anymore, but perhaps waiting till I'm old isn't the way to go on that one...

  3. surely. and in the mean time, i will attempt to not obsess over it in ebay. ;)

  4. OK, and meanwhile perhaps this little Craigslist nugget will pacify you:
    Strange, that's exactly what my husband calls me...

  5. "his little Craigslist nugget"?


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