Friday, February 3, 2012


Not to do everything you planned to do today, and at least one thing you didn't.

Don't grow old and orderly and silence the wonders of the universe.

Break one of your own rules, or one of theirs. Make sure you can tell the difference.

Oh, you thought I didn't do this anymore?

You're probably a hipster if:

Eventually all your favorite bands make car commercials.

It's ok Little Joy. You speak Portuguese. I still want to kiss you on the mouth.


  1. So true...we just heard April Smith in a commercial for paint...Does that me we are hipsters?

  2. I dunno, depends on the car commercial. Is it a Caddy or a Hybrid? A Pontiac or a Hummer? Because there's cars, and then there's cars... There are also those people who wear those funny shoes that look like feet. I don't care if they're "cool"; they're on my "hell, no" list along with Crocs.
    Sorry for the Sunday rant.
    Enjoy all the SuperBowl nummies!


    1. Because a Caddy commercial would be ok, right?
      My kid wears the Skeletor toe-shoes b.c he thinks they make him faster. Crocs should be illegal.

  3. Ms. Haus, I followed #1 of your fine promptings before I even saw this post. May I have permission to print and frame?

    You are my hero.

    1. Arentcha gonna tell me what you did???

      Look, anyone who refers to me as Ms. Haus and makes me their hero may do whatever they please. I bestow my blessing upon your endeavors. I'm sure they will be fabulous.

    2. MAJOR girl crush on the Little Joy beauty. She's ridiculous. And also one of the top 5 reasons I am taking guitar lessons.


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