Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MALM Freestanding FIreplace


It's the iconic modernist fireplace, right?

I know if I was building or remodeling a Mid Century home, one of these would go smack in the middle and I'd build everything else around it. Besides being the most visually-pleasing fireplace on the market, I've actually heard very good things about the efficiency and heat output of Malm.

This is the Fire Bowl 3 model with porcelain finish in "Slate." I would describe it as a malted chocolate color (a grey-tinged brown). I absolutely love the fat belly of the bowl and tulip-shaped base, which is more unique and less atomic-feeling than the typical cone shape.

Although it is one Malm's original Mid Century designs, they are still in production (bonus-replacement parts and accessories still available!) and this is actually a recent model. From what I understand, this particular model can be installed as close as 8" away from the wall. This is a major consideration if you have a small install space!

Typically these run about $3400, but it's available in the shop now for thousands less.



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