Monday, February 13, 2012

XII Forever, sometimes

A wholehearted product recommend from yours truly. I just came home from picking this guy up. I had to have a bunch of girls dig through the stockroom to find me one, but I would not (let them) give up.

My husband was stroking out in the cavernous new two-story Forever 21, but I was undeterred. I combed the racks (hey, why no whole shirts? You can only get half a shirt now?) while his eyeballs jerked around in their sockets.

I bought him soup after, so he's ok now.

Embellished tribal clutch, $26.80. Really.

Much weightier and spendier-looking in person than I had any right to expect.

Yep, this clutch is CLUTCH!


  1. You got the 'help' @ XXI to work? For you? That is nearly as awesome as your new clutch!



    1. Oh yeah, always! Because I am like their mother or something, and they do what I say. Besides they're mostly too weak and anorexic to argue...

  2. My husband says it's called Forever 21 because women stay in there forever.


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