Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Steal This Outfit

Oh faceless lady, where did you get your cool clothes? Not talking, huh? What a snob.

If this outfit doesn't say "creative mom who just might have a blog on the side" then I don't' know what does. I, for instance, would wear it. I would wear it so hard it would beg for mercy. The inner thighs of the jeans especially would.

Here's how us mortals (whose thighs just might not have a 6 inch gap between them) can get the look:

chambray work shirt, Old Navy $26.94

orange skinny jeans, ASOS $31.33

geometric print scarf, Forever 21 $9

vintage navy blue velvet tuxedo jacket, Etsy $18 (eBay, thrift store men's section, Forever 21, J.Crew)

Vintage leather portfolio, Etsy $19


  1. GASP! I love the outfit and got to have those orange jeans! Thanks for posting!

  2. Colored jeans and jeans shorts are making a come-back big time. I like.


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