Sunday, February 5, 2012


Look, we spend most of our lives trying to avoid embarrassment. I say, we have better ways to spend our time, so let's not pretend. We are all 'tards in our own way; messed up, broken, neurotic, one foot smaller than the other, one boob drooping more than the other, needy, weird, accident-prone and known to fail at things occasionally.

Here's the thing: if you tell the joke first, if you can laugh at yourself, then the laugh belongs to you. No one else can have it. It makes you powerful. They can laugh with you, but not at you. Unless they see you trip and fall, which will look hysterical as you flail around and go "OHHH!" and land weird. We will all laugh at you then, because we just can't help it. You look so funny!

It helps not to wear wide-legged pants and clogs and run down the street. Just a tip from a pro.

Anyhow, you can laugh at yourself and be a powerful, needy, accident-prone, nerd. Or you can run around trying to hide it, which seems rather tiring but it's your choice.

Occasionally the "You might also like..." feature on Blogger dredges up some real winners from my past.

I thought, hey, why don't we share our most embarrassing Blogger moment with each other? Come on. I promise if we laugh it will be with you, not at you.

My most embarrassing post is not only awful and bizarre, it's also totally TMI (although nowhere near as awkward as my friends above). So without further delay I bring you:


I showed you mine, now show me yours.


  1. I don't think I can link back to my whole first year?

    1. Oh, PLEASE do! Pick something! My first year, I was fabulously self-important and earnest and weird. Oh wait, that's now too....

  2. Long time stalker here. Your most embarrassing post must be one of your funniest! More embarrassing posts please. BTW, has your lovely yellow wallpaper been discontinued (retired?). I can't find it online.

    1. Thanks for writing! No, it's still's Cow Parsley by Cole & Son. I found it available here:
      I remember buying it from a British company, not sure if it was this one or not, at a much cheaper price than any US suppliers. I LOVE the black version...if I had a do-over I would choose that!


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