Thursday, November 18, 2010

Attention thrifty hipster Jazzercise leotard wearers

See the original "you're probably a hipster" post here!

I can't believe I'm sharing coupons like a dusty geezer.
But just in case your spandex Suzanne Somers-inspired Jazzercise gear is getting threadbare, click here to download a 50% off coupon for American Apparel.

I mean, who doesn't need to replace their buttless tights once in a while?


  1. wow, following the buttless tights link opened my eyes to new and exciting options...although compression of the buttocks is pretty much why i would wear the tights in the first place, especially whilst doing the jazzercise.

  2. No, sorry, never will I ever 1) wear shiny, black spandex or 2) do Jazzercise. Why oh why can't my arms and legs move in beat like everyone elses?! And just forget about step class.

  3. Sarah, yet you're strangely silent on the buttless tights subject...hmmmm


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