Monday, November 15, 2010

Cutting out the lame stuff and only telling you the fun parts

so that you will think I had a better weekend than you. Actually, besides being woken up at 5 am for the huzband's surf session, there was no lameness.

Friday night was family dinner at the in-laws, which means tortillas, many kinds of stewed meats, and not being able to move without stepping on someone's baby. Also, an epic two-hour nighttime hide-and-seek game for the bigger cousins, which I was only slightly jealous not to be included in. Also, fruit tart in my belly.

Saturday I went nuts and started cleaning things out and throwing everything away. Next week, I will want it all back.
Then we took the furry fart-nuggets (and the dogs) for some exercise. Here are pictures of San Diego showing off, and Mr. Knightly getting gang-raped by big dogs. Also Jack running off into the sunset like the 'tard that he is.

Later we walked down to "the village" near our house (insert groans of "why can't we drive?" here) for an alfresco dinner. This was followed up by a round of semi-pro couch wrestling with the kidz, and once they were totally off-the-wall hyper, I left them with pops and went downstairs to quietly watch a movie in my room. Oops, I mean OUR room.

Sunday was more worky/cleany stuff, then a couple hours of learning how not to be a douchebag, followed by a French movie and wine with friends. Well-rounded it was.

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