Friday, November 5, 2010

The heart chooses

It's the silly little things that make you appreciate the guy you're with.
I'm going in for a haircut, so last night I asked the huz what he thinks of this cut (right side).

I was maybe 45% joking. 55% of me (that's a majority vote, guys) really likes having something weird all up in there. But, you know, teacher conferences are coming up and all.

So he takes a good look and says yeah, that might look good on you.

Now mind you, we're not in our 20s anymore. We don't have tattoos. We have kids and dogs and a mortgage. It's been a few years since either of us could honestly lay claim to "being in a band". We take multi-vitamins and eat fiber.

And yet. The dude is willing to let me hang off his arm with a spiky red Tegan and Sara mullet. It's not flowers or champagne or sandy romantic gestures on the beach, but things like this that love is made of. At least in our house.

I might compromise with this:

While the mortgage-paying, fiber-eating lame-o momsy part of me is all, "Why not something nice like this?":

I hate that lady. She's SUCH a buzz kill.

If it's not too mangled, maybe I'll post a picture of the results.
Feel free to vote on your favorite.

Also, what's with girls having chicken wings instead of arms? Ick.


  1. I know, right? Except I might have to get a prettier face to go with it...

  2. i just got something similar to your compromise cut. it can be very sassy, but if left to its own defenses, tends to go a bit 'conservative republican.' it needs a deceptive amount of hair product. but on the upside, it looks just right when i get out of bed. mo/no

  3. mono-exactly what I was afraid of!
    like, if it was clean and brushed it might look very "mom in a Swiffer mop commercial"

  4. I just chopped my hair off last night--super short (a la Halle Berry). Go with comp A, and use Hemp Hair Concrete to avoid the conservative republican look. Hmmm, I might grow mine out and make that my next cut. Very cute.

    Please post pics!

  5. bink and boo, I've seen pic's of your kid, so something tells me you could pull off anything...bald even.

  6. Love compromise number one! especially with red hair, I think that would be rockin

  7. Love photo #2 (I believe the first compromise shot). Agree that you DO NOT let your stylist blow it out and try it to bump it or anything goofy. Lot's of hand-texture. When I have hair that short, I don't even blow dry, but totally up to you. Good luck and I'm sure it'll be super cute!
    (As For Me - I have a blunt bob with bangs and totally love it. Just depends a lot on styling.)


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