Monday, November 8, 2010

Change of Plans

I had planned on venting this morning.
People seem particularly mean-spirited and aggressive lately, and it hurts my soft, squishy little heart. So, while I got the laundry going, and while I bagged almonds for school lunches, and while I poured my coffee I didn't even see what I was doing. I was busy, see, mentally rehearsing the many ways in which people and life have been less-than-stellar. Just so I could accurately share the love (hate) with you.

And then something in me turned over at the thought of being that person.

And I thought instead of the blissful hour spent holding my chubby little niece while she mewed and sighed and nuzzled me in her sleep. And how my husband kept opening the office door and looking at me, which was at first so entirely annoying until he finally said I just like to look at you when it's quiet. Reminding me in quite an off-handed way of a favorite Pablo Neruda poem.

Even how my oatmeal and hot blueberries taste just a little bit like dessert.

And that November is back in a nice, moody little splash of rain and I have to watch the Painted Veil because it's way overdue and didn't I pay extra for it, so hadn't I better watch it?

And all the people who said nice things about my hair and made me feel kinda pretty (yes I did it!)

So I'm not going to be that person. I don't have any reason to be.


  1. Your hair is fantastic! So very preppy and cute with the stripes shirt.

    This child stylist just murdered my hair I've been growing out for a year. I will be that shitty person when it comes to my new less than stellar cut.

  2. Not only is your hair ABFAB, but the color is beautiful. It's so cute. Do you love it?

  3. i love love love your hair, it is super cute and i think i might take my laptop to my hair dresser next time i go, so i can show her how i want mine to look. lovely.

  4. Spanx, you guys! I do like it. The color is old DIY from a box several months ago (it's pretty much my natural color, but pumped up a little which is why I don't have roots showing).
    Hey Morgan, maybe it's cuter than you think it is??

  5. Summer - OMG your hair is super cute, and you totally rock it.
    It's hard work to appreciate the little things when life seems stuck in a negative spiral. But, once you get that positivity started, it does help.


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