Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Place...Kauai with Kids

Path to bliss (walkway to "our" house)

Backyard (river at edge of grass)

Well-stocked (screened lanai)

Happy place (Tunnels Beach)

Teen bliss

Fertile valley (farms outside Hanalei on the North Shore)

Return visits (Kauai grass-fed beef...we felt it was only right to support the environment)

Surfers (please don't die, please don't die, please don't die)

NaPali Coast from the trail

In the mouth of a giant-NaPali Coast

Teen Spirit

A grandson's view of his grandma


From bed

More happy place

This trip taught me the difference between "travel" and "vacation".
Rather than getting all verbose about the trip, if you have any questions about going to the North Shore of Kauai, just let me know!


  1. I have always wanted to go there. As well as a thousand other beachy places, but this seems like a place my ass could actually get to one day.

    so purrrty. except for that travesty of a red wall. otherwise perfect.

  2. Next tutorial from The Brick House: how to mount surfboards on walls. Heheheh.
    That red wall made sense in context somehow. Or maybe nothing mattered b/c I was too chilled out.
    Go are rich and famous.

  3. ohmygod. my only questions is why am i not there now.....

    i lied.

    1)did your family hike the whole coast???
    2)how close was the nearest beach and which one was it?
    3) will you tell me the house you rented?



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