Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things I always wanted, now I have them, but I can't keep them (and I'm not talking about my kids)

There are only so many walls in a house and so many times you can tell your husband the lounge chair is your new "reading nook" before a room is really, totally over-furnished.
So, Mr. Cado and Mr. Eames, it's been a pleasure having you but you really must find lodging elsewhere. Oh, don't worry. We'll find you a beautiful home. Somewhere with a wall of windows that looks out over the xeriscaped yard. There may be BMW's involved. Don't worry...the children will not be allowed to touch you.
In the shop now.


  1. ugh. i want these so bad.

    i'm not cool or rich enough, although I'm totally getting xeriscaped.

  2. talk to me when you find another rocking chair.

  3. do you really have to get rid of the chair??? love your title btw.

  4. Ya Morgan, so not cool. Mmmmhmmmm.

    Jamie, move on. Who rocks anymore?

    Alison, my living room looks like an AA meeting...random chairs EVERYWHERE! Instead of crazy cat lady I'm going to be crazy chair lady. I don't want to be discovered buried under all the things I "just had to keep"!
    But it does break my heart all the same...

  5. i can't believe you told me to move on.

  6. as a crazy chair lady, you should *understand* chair obsessions. ;)

  7. It's for your own good...there are more chairs to love. They need you now. Go to them...

  8. loved your! did you sell the wall unit already??? i am dying to own a danish daybed with cane sides and a wall unit and a credenxa....oh the list just keeps growing


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