Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Imagine that you've been to ten baby showers and bridal showers in the space of three months. And they have all been perfectly wonderful're kinda over it. The polite, seated, small-talking, "how lovely"-ness of it all. And then, cheerfully blinking in your inbox, you see it. "XYZ has sent you an E-vite." You consider not opening it. You consider begging off due to "finger food allergies recently acquired." You have nightmares about tulle-wrapped banquet tables and babies breath (the flowers, not the real breath...cuz everyone loves that stuff!) You pray for Polio to make a comeback in your neighborhood (sorry, I'll be in the Iron Lung that day...), or for the brakes in your car to fail buying you months of peace in a full-body cast.

But wait. What's this? It's not a regular old baby shower after all. It's something quite fantastic! It's...

And that's where my ideas run out. I'm throwing my sister-in-law's babyshower--the last in a wallet-emptying, mind-numbingly long shower season. And I want people to look forward to coming.

So my question is, in such circumstances what kind of party would you STILL look forward to coming to?

These are some ideas off the top of my head:

80's Mothers (with costumes drawing inspiration from our mothers' 1980s Olan Mills family portraits...perms, giant sweaters)

Jazz Brunch (big hats, beignets, hip flasks)

Butler Husbands (we make all the men show up and do whatever we tell them...which is clearly a joke and never going to happen but still fun to think about...)

Give me some of YOUR suggestions...

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  1. How about a little black dress party? -your fake sister

  2. A pajama party! But Like a juicy couture type of pajama party not a wear your sweats kinda party. Decorate with candles and pretty chocolates etc etc. Maybe some fancy drinks, but everyone wears their cute pajamas not your pajamas you wear when your sick or something.
    Also this site; has some cool ideas for decorating for themes not of the Pajama sort.

  3. 1950's party! Or a tea party or something like that! I am not so good at this! UHMMMM is it a boy or a girl?

  4. Fake sister-how about big black dress...some of the ladies are preg or just had babies.
    Christina-I LOVE IT! O.K., so the only problem is it's a huge guest list and includes family members, elderly guests, etc. For a smaller, intimate, friends-only shower that would be awesome...I'm putting that one in the file.
    Anna-A girl! I haven't been to a 50s party in forever...that would be so fun.

  5. i love the olan mills idea. maybe you could have portraits done, and it would work with all the age groups!

  6. Ok maybe a black and white party with a splash of color that the baby's room will be decorated in. Or black and white with an accent like a rubber ducky or a giraffe...Whatever animal or flower etc that will be used in the baby's room. Everyone can wear black and white and the mommy can wear the color...if the color isn't too hidious to wear :) Its not super exciting, but it's different I guess. Just throwing my ideas out there.

  7. I would also love a 1950's party :)

  8. Signe-you have the best bangs I have ever seen. Seriously!

  9. Good for you, Summer!

    Brave woman.

    I like the pajama party theme - especially if you did games like movie catch phrases, truth-or-dare, and playing tricks on the boys!

    I guess my point is that it should be a fun party (which it sounds like it will be) that incidently involves a baby. Too cutesy is ick and I've seen a lot of games that seem designed to make the mama-to-be cry!

    Like no guessing how big her bump is (even if she is little).

    Have fun planning!

    Oh, and I really love the "decorate a onesie" parties. You could do tie-dye!



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