Friday, September 10, 2010


Yes, we've added yet another dude to our super-dude family. While stepping over guitars, Legos, and a pile of dogs and boys wrestling on the floor (on my way to the kitchen to make yet more food...) it occurred to me that dudes are my life.

The husband found this sweet guy running throught the streets with a leash trailing behind him, and just couldn't leave him there. He was so sweet, sociable, and healthy that we assumed his owners would claim him within the day. Well, several fliers, Craigslist ads, and days later no one had come forward and this dude was getting mighty comfortable. I knew it was over when we named him. And, he sleeps with the youngest boy while the preposterous Mr. Knightly has always favored the older boy. So, he's staying. And shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I really love him.


  1. so cute! what a spunky little cuddle monster.

    our neighbors slutty dog just had a bastard litter of puppies and we are contemplating adding another dog to our life.

    I'm scared. Two dogs seems like a lot of dog action.

  2. Did you name him Dude?

  3. Nah, we named him the John Doe of dog names...Jack. Just temporarily, you understand. Until his real owners came to get him, was the reasoning. No harm being civil and giving the orphan a name, we said. Yeah...

    Morgan-two dogs is A LOT of action. Esp. if one isn't fixed yet...if you catch my drift.


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