Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Literalist

So it's spirit week at the Bill Gates School for Privileged Children. You're familiar with the concept? Each day has a theme.
Today is "Clash Day".
Meaning this:

But my boy? Was thinking this:

And came upstairs dressed like this:

And asked, "You think this is something the Clash would wear?"

Yeah, honey. I do. I bet all of them have Nordstrom seersucker sportcoats from the children's section.


  1. Im thinking this may be all your fault- afterall- who was it that bought him a neon orange tie LOL

  2. His version of "clash" day is so much cooler than what the school had envisioned!

  3. Why is it the Bill Gates School for Privileged Children? Is it a spendy private school or something?

  4. No, no Anon, it's a charter school at the beach, funded by the Gates Foundation, looks like a modern art museum, and has "Chess in the Park" as an elective option. Also, "Yoga in the Park" so I definitely consider the kids who get to go there privileged.

  5. I need some yoga in the park right about now. Sign me up.

  6. I would wear that outfit, (with different shoes!) Love it. And can I go to school with him? Sounds like a fantastic education option.

  7. Aye! Those shoes make my eyes hurt. They're so Ziggy Stardust!


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