Monday, August 16, 2010

You're probably a hipster edition!

The key to this look is the same as every other hipster look: most of your effort goes into looking like you don't care at all. Meanwhile, since you're getting all educated and whatnot, let's just say that there is a "subtext" to every good hipster outfit that "complicates" its apparent simplicity.

What's the subtext to a good college hipster outfit? Let's have a little tutorial from the teacher's edition, shall we?
Everyone says I'm hot (distressed jeans), but appearance doesn't matter to me (baggy cardigan). I come from money, but I hate pretention and will probably be a social worker for two years before I marry someone from the yacht club (Birkenstocks). I'm well-read and interesting (i.e. I have bangs and named my cat Beckett) and can sometimes correctly use the term "existential" in coffee house conversations...I might not even shave my armpits (literary t-shirt). My parents send me absurd amounts of money (especially when I threaten to join the Peace Corps), but to show solidarity I eat Top Ramen and say "OMG, I am SO broke too!" (Ray Bans).

Plus, this outfit comes with a hipster bonus: You can smirk with superiority when the hopelessly un-hip girl next to you exclaims, "Oh, I looove Maya Angel-owe!" Rookie!


  1. I am desperate to look like I don't care - although I really don't care and I'm fat so it looks like I don't care in a totally unhip way.

    Damn you social norms.

  2. i took an environmental ethics class in my totally hip, liberal arts school (about as close to being a hipster as i've ever been), and there was a guy when asked what class he was in said "bourgeoisie, well, actually, just son of bourgeoisie..." the professor thought it was so interesting that he would answer with is his social class, as opposed to his year in school. he was obviously tragically hip, and your post made me think of him...i wonder what ever happened to him.moNo


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