Saturday, August 7, 2010

Clare Vivier and the Fertile Years

Life seems particularly abundant and productive these days. The stasis, the expected, has been tossed aside. Like Seamus Heaney's famous poem, the fertile loam of life is being overturned everywhere I look, exposing the fresh underbelly of possibility.
Things I never thought possible have been put into motion, and everywhere I look I see change.

Part of the fertility is literal; among my friends and family there are eight babies born or soon-to-be. Other friends are moving, even leaving the country. One child turned a landmark age, the magical fabulousness that is NO LONGER TWELVE. Another is leaving behind the protection of elementary school. A momentous anniversary will be celebrated soon, and a villa in Baja's wine country will be visited. Kauai gleams like a wet plumeria leaf in the October distance.

I'm feeling a little more visual than verbal today, so consider this a pictorial diary of the past productive week.

Reason to blog: observant husband knows exactly what you want for your anniversary

I know, it's shameless. But she's hot and she knows it...

and she just kept posing

The rewards of growing things

Gambling with four-year olds and comparing muscles-a good way to pass the time waiting for a sister to be born/my first niece. Mia. FINALLY.

Modernhaus=Bounce Haus

Double anniversary party

How many cousins can fit on one chair? I don't know! Get up! You're crushing my &*#%@!!!

Sweet nerd

Hip-hop nerd

And you? What's shakin on your end?


  1. that looks like a productive bag, and those eye glasses too.

  2. so productive-you have no idea!

  3. Lovely pics of the bag. Nice blog, I'll be back. Happy anniversary. Xoclare vivier

  4. Thanks helps that the bag is a natural beauty and thus extremely photogenic.

    And, wow! Thanks for visiting. Coach sure doesn't hit my blog when I buy THEIR bags ;)

  5. I Noticed that bag recently. Love it.On the lookout for a functional beauty myself. And I have to say I love the change going on all around.It makes life so interesting.

  6. Hi i came across your blog and saw your clare vivier la tropzienne bag... Would you consider to sell the bag? please let me know at


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