Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stool Sample

Oh, I know. I try to be normal. It's just not a good look for me.
I've been relieved of the boys for the morning (see how that phrase ties in nicely with the title???), and I haven't wasted the time.

Besides working, emailing, cleaning, and other official Modern Woman-sanctioned activities, I also nearly finished a desk that's going to KNOCK. YOUR. SOCKS. OFF.

I told Brick House what to do, again. She's so tolerant.

And, of course, I made this...the namesake and raison d'etre of this post to begin with.

In its former incarnation it was a giant basketball with legs. Really, truly ugly. So lest you try and accuse me of desecrating some sacred and original piece of Mid-Century design:


  1. that would look good at the end of my bed.

    I was thinking of getting one of those PS mushroom stools from Ikea to help Iggy jump on the bed and maybe a black wool blanket with mustard linens from CB2. Then make a poofy army green headboard cushion or a live edge slab. Who knows! I give up on shopping.

    So you see, the stool just might work perfectly. It is very cute, and the pattern only mildly reminds me of vulvas.

  2. LOL :) Now that she says that it totally does!

  3. All this talk about stool samples and vulvas! What the?
    Anyway, I have a question- did you sew the cover for this? if so, what kind of machine do you use? did you take a class on upholstery? just curious! I have a stool just like this one begging to be recovered, but I don't want to pay someone $150 to do it.

  4. Morgan-it's so much easier to just tell everyone else what they should do. Picking your own stuff seems so...permanent. Decorator's houses are always a wreck. Get Iggy one of those little trampolines for the bed. And a leotard. Yeah, the stool fabric is a little African-esque which goes with your current jungle fever. I dont know what a vulva looks like so I'll just take your word on that..

    Anon with the sewing questions-yes, sewed it myself on a regular old sewing machine, no classes, no special tools...just make it like a slipcover, slide it on, and staple on the bottom. Email me if you need help (or if I know you...just call already!)

  5. Vulva? I double dare you to google image search it.

    My summer job is almost over! That means shopping will resume. Yeah boy.

  6. Very cool! Where do you get your fabrics? You've definitely improved this one. Definitely African-esque and modern all at once. No comment on the vulva issue (la la la la, not listening). You're re-inventing is inspiring me, want to go shopping with you. I need your hipness to rub off on me.


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