Friday, August 6, 2010

Wedding Do-Overs

I don't know about you, but I still love to look at wedding stuff. It's sort of a microcosm of the design scene; letterpress, flowers, photography, fashion, etc.

And let's face it...even us not-so-girlie girls like a little fantasy eye candy. We only get to have one wedding (well, fingers crossed), but it's so much fun to imagine what we would do if we could do it again.

I think I'm a "wedding in the woods with vintage dress" kinda girl. There would be a barn dance with raucous fiddling to follow. I'm a fool for the fiddle. (I would put on boots for that part!)

What about you? Would you want to try a different style or mood if you had do-overs, or would you not change a thing?

Meanwhile, here's an adorable wedding inspiration board from Dog n' Bird. It's very sweet and simple, with a kind of John Hughes/80s feel. And the swiss dot reminds me of my mom and aunt, who wore yards of it along with big, floppy hats at their weddings. It was the must-have look of the late 60s!


  1. funny i just did a post wedding-ey post.

    1) hire a DJ
    2) take WAY more photos

  2. I'd like to add to your photography comment by saying, "Hire photographer who doesn't get drunk."

  3. How sweet! I love this inspiration board.

    It looks like you ladies are adding a "Woulda Coulda" list.

    We loved our band - A Son y Sol - not in the least because they got a whole room full of white people to dance.

    We (meaning I) wanted a professional photographer, but couldn't afford it (nor catering). We received amazing photos from our friends with big cameras, plus a video! So lucky.

    I think the one thing I would have changed would be this: less wedding crap. I loved buying from Etsy vendors, but I went overboard with little detail-y stuff. Nothing smaller than my hand - that should have been the rule.

    Otherwise, I love love too! And, Summer, I have some fun close up shots that you could share with your vintage wedding lovers. Just email me at:

  4. Summer,

    Oh, and here is a link to a gorgeous vintage-y wedding in Chicago via Etsy:


  5. I would change where the reception was held, a hotel ballroom or the local country club would have been much more elegant. Our reception was at a community gymnasium (blue walls, baseball court markings on the floor). The only saving grace was that there was a canopy ceiling, so it looked a little less like a gymnasium. Everything else was perfect, even with the family drama.


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