Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A thing of beauty

This blog makes me want to re-watch this movie.

And this one.

Although we've not even had our summer yet, it's made me crave 40 degrees and cold stone and the less-stinky-than-American cloud of cigarette smoke that accompanies everything, from morning cafe americain to Scallops St Jacques. Waiters that advise you on fashion and suggest you'd look prettier without your hat. Surreal antique carousels spinning in the shadow of a hotel peticulier. Office workers carrying their glass of afternoon wine back through the streets. The bread the bread the bread. Babies in wool knickers and shoes more beautiful than yours. Le baiser, two cheeks. Paris.

And p.s., did you know that the price of baguette is fixed by the government?? Now that's some Socialism I can get behind!


  1. so far as i can tell from her blog, her whole life consists of looking beautiful and being surrounded by lovely things. i need to talk to her agent, i'm definitely in the wrong line of work.

  2. I know-her life does look a little like a shampoo commercial or something, doesn't it?

  3. it is also probably directly related to the fact that she is french, the only ugly thing to ever come from france is that disgusted sneer they give when they talk about american cheese...


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