Monday, May 17, 2010

My Kind of Guy

Ever heard of a Dutch Oven? I'll give you a hint: I'm not talking about the $350 Le Creuset piece you've been saving up for. It has to do with blankets and, ahem, intestinal distress. The distress is, of course, compounded if someone shares your bed.

Until now. Enter, this guy. Now, we know this is a man's man for several reasons. One, he was inspired to invent this while bow-hunting for deer. This is where a lot of real men do their real thinking. They'll tell you they do it in the bathroom too. But they're lying. Even if they refer to it as "the Office" there is no legitimate work being done in there.

Second, he made this life and marriage-saving device out of military-issue chemical protective suits. Any guy who smells so bad that his only recourse is to enshroud his spouse in a blanket of chemical protective suits from the military, is, by all definitions, a real man. Or he needs to lay off the deer meat.

Third, when asked if his invention has improved his marriage in any way, he responded, "I don't wake my wife up anymore."
Wait. Did you really just admit that you passed gas THAT WOKE YOUR WIFE UP?!

So to recap: bow-hunting, military chemical protective suits, deer meat, dutch oven stink bombs. This is what a male-dominated house will do to a girl.

Watch the classy infomercial here...


  1. i'll only be impressed if it masks the smell AND the sound

  2. I had no idea that my post on facebook led to blog entry for ya. Very interesting to know the background story on that invention. I still want to know if it is machine washable.

  3. Anon, yeah interesting that he doesn't address that very important topic.
    Tess-yo, baby! I didn't even see your post on this...I think the informercial has gone viral and I read this interview on a news site that I frequent. You should write a blog-your FBook posts are always hilarious!

  4. Is this for real? I think we need one of those babys. But really all you gotta do is give it back to him after a nice broccli dinner and he will forever regret giving you that dutch oven. I know sick right?

  5. scg, it IS for real!!! And I never said it was the mister makin' the dutch ovens over here.....hee hee hee hee!


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