Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the Big Onion

First, I'd like to mention that this blog became a centenarian two posts ago, and it still looks great and has all it's teeth! I had thought I'd give something away or have balloons and streamers fall down on your head when you clicked on my 100th post, but then I selfishly went to New York and stuffed my gullet foie gras goose-style with so much good food and forgot all about it.

Maybe you still want me to give you something?

Alright. I'll work on it. What do you want?

This trip was filled with pleasant introductions to all sorts of new things; music, neighborhoods, foods, restaurants, cocktails, and new friends.

Allow me to bring you into the fold.

Do you know Arancini? Allow me to properly introduce you two.

And Juliette in Williamsburg (Williesburg, yo!) would like you to know about grated zucchini salad, just in time for summer. Juliette and I both hope that you'll julienne your zucchini instead, and remember to add toasted hazelnuts. Crunch, crunch, slurp, slurp. No more coleslaw for me!

*house-made pickles* are the condiment of the moment (and I want this moment to last forever)!

Forget what Forbes or Money Magazine says; the best place to live in America is a brownstone mansion in the historically(?) Black neighborhood surrounding Fort Greene Park, where beautiful women close their eyes and groove to Aretha Franklin being played Brazilian jazz-style by the live band, and the French waiters bring you the best everything you've ever had, and families spill out into the sidewalk cafes on hot nights, and nice people tell you to "get home safe, now" and everything feels sultry and sweet and just-right.


  1. All I can say is, I WANT TO GO NEXT TIME! Oh! and glad you made it to Williamsburg:)

  2. Oh yes! It's going to be an annual thing...see you next April? W-burg was alright but I REALLY liked Fort Greene ("my" neighborhood). And I wanted to go to Park Slope...sounds like my kind of place.


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