Thursday, May 6, 2010

Light HAUS

Oh, the opportunity for horrible name puns seems endless, doesn't it?

Sooo, I have a friend. Let's call him Mr. Moneybags. He was a real estate investor and renovated Mid-Century properties in Palm Springs for years.

He obsessively collected huge quantities of Mid-Century lighting, but only the best of the best, to use in his projects.

We all know that the real estate market is lodged firmly in hell right now (I personally have $1 in equity), and Moneybags has been after me to liquidate his museum of lighting for a few years.

The benefit of his OCD collecting is that many of the lights are still in their original boxes, never installed, and in multiples in the event you want a cohesive look in your swank shack (some were taken out of Mid-Century banks and business in Palm Springs!)

There are chandeliers, pendants, sconces, etc. Many are conical pierced brass, but there are earlier 1950s pieces in turquoise fiberglass and other wild, experimental stuff. A majority of the pieces are by Lightolier, and I think I saw some designed by Gerald Thurston in there too!

No Nelson bubbles...that's just a pretty picture.

Visit the store for upcoming auctions, or contact me to preview.

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