Monday, May 24, 2010

Hot Little Hunk

I try really hard not to be a blog don't need me to chew up and spit back out everyone else's blog content, as I'm sure you're quite capable of digesting Cup of Jo and Oh Joy! all by your little selves. I personally hate going to ten blogs and reading the same thing on each one (remember that infernal rainbow layer cake that went blog-viral??)

But occasionally there are things worth repeating, and for me this usually involves a food post. See, I've been trying to come up with picnic lunch ideas; things that are great at room temperature, transport well, and can sit out for a while without becoming a salmonella farm (there was an enchilada incident, and that's all I'm saying about that, except may I say that "Enchilada Incident" would make a great fictional band name, a la Spinal Tap).

This hot little hunk of cheese and pasta seems to be just the thing. Like a Spanish tortilla, but with pasta as the starch. The only thing better than pasta is a pasta cake. I love that, when no fancy friends are around, you could just pick up a wedge and eat it with your hands. Who am I kidding? I have no fancy friends, and I will eat it with TWO hands. Great, hand-held pasta. Not even a fork to slow me down now! I think I'm going to add roasted red peppers for a little tang.

What do you like to make for a picnic lunch?

UPDATE: No offense to the discriminating tastes of Joanna Goddard and Martha Stewart, but the added roasted red peppers were the ONLY thing we enjoyed about this dish...the egg/ricotta/pasta combo was otherwise essentially flavorless (to us).

via Cup of Jo as appeared in Martha Stewart Living


  1. Totally saw that on Cup of Jo and nearly re-blogged it. Now just need to get off my lazy arse and make it.

  2. I'm makin it Friday, so if you're still on your arse I'll report back about its make-worthiness!


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