Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things Good Mothers Do and other whack lies

Things good mothers do:

Bake homemade cookies with organic peanut butter, sneaking in bits of flax and whole wheat flour

Things good mothers who run businesses do:

See above, then realize you can't just stand in front of the oven all day and turn the last of the dough into one giant cookie. Pass it off as a deliberate novelty. "I thought you guys would like it!" They did.


  1. Unless you are doing a cookie giveaway, this is just a tease.

  2. Those cookies look awesome, Summer! Yum. The Hubs has learned to make his own cookies - thank you Trader Joe's.

  3. hey... at least you didn't turn them ALL into one giant novelty cookie. which wouldn't be a bad thing anyway..

  4. I'm thinking of serving all meals this way from now on...you know, make one giant taco for dinner...we can all eat out of one giant mixing bowl full of cereal in the morning...
    I totally think this is going to revolutionize motherhood...

  5. Plus, it totally brings a new meaning to the word "togetherness".

  6. Tanya, I would never give away a cookie...


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