Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not Dead Yet

So why not post a picture I just took of the top of my piano (if you're Western-y or an old man Scooby Doo villain, then you can call it a pianee)?

Being not-dead is as good a reason as any.

I love that awesome old charcoal desert sketch. It reminds me of a place we use to hike when I was a kid.

And that milk bottle is from the dairy where we got our milk when I was a kid (until we got milking goats, ugh)! They had a drive-through where you picked up your order (plus some fabulous ice cream bars).

And I find that badly-executed little abstract so charming. Yeah, it looks like Picasso painted it with his butt.

What are you up to since you're hopefully not-dead?


  1. i am thinking about danish-oiling my coffee table, square foot gardening, a hairy (HAIRY) dog that needs a walk and enjoying the quiet morning before a crew of feral monkeys descend on me wanting breakfast.

  2. Mmmm, I'm glad I didn't wake up dead.

    Love your vignette. So personal and eye-catching. Is it bad I like the butt painted art??

    I am going to tackle the garden. I HATE gardening, so my posts my be a wee bit crabby this week.

  3. Anon, first I thought you might be my friend living in Costa Rica, who worries about actual feral monkeys.
    Tanya, is that a veg garden you've got going? I can't wait to read your crabby posts (although I'm pretty sure gardening is meant to have the opposite effect??)

  4. now we just have to wait for 2012 and if we survive that, i think we're in the clear. did you really have milking goats?! i want one! goat cheese for days...


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