Monday, May 16, 2011

Shout out to the Echo Park Cru, a.k.a. the Brick Haus sale was awesome!

First, I'd just like to thank L.A. for being the most kooky and randomly amazing place ever. Where else would you get Kate Miss and the neighborhood Cheech & Chong look-a-likes (so drunk they had to hang onto the walls...except Ms. Miss who could stand up pretty good on her own so talented she is!) shopping your pop-up vintage sale?

That is what I call a broad customer base! Corporations would kill for that, and we will sell our marketing secrets to them for a mee-lion dollars.

Actually, the secret is in the sauce. The people sauce, that is.

Morgan was the meek and reclusive star of the show (whose nametag I stole for an hour just to see what it's like to have everyone subtly bending at the waist in a Japenese-style bow when introducing themselves...also not looking directly at my face).

Seriously, how many times did I say, "I know, she is incredibly talented!" yesterday? SO MANY.

This is the best picture I could find of her...she's so secretive!

And then there was Picasso and Eva Peron's granddaughter--raised in exile in the jungles of El Salvador (which is why she knows plants so well)--Bianca of TerriPlanty. She's like a snake charmer with babies, dogs, adults, plants, roving swarms of Africanized bees, whatever. If it's alive, it loves her and does what she says. I am no different.

This is one of her magical terrarium pieces:

Her crafty set-up at Unique LA:

And this is how everyone looked at her pieces--totally, completely enthralled:

And the boyfriend,"Handsome Andy Sandberg" Erick? A total keeper. You hear me Bianca??

Rounding out our Echo Park Cru was famed French photographer/writer/designer Laure Joliet (from HGTV, Apartment Therapy, Dwell, and yo mama!), our deceptively muscular blond project manager. Her uncle, Jack Nicholson, had this to say about her: "Laure is a star! Uncle Jack loves you baby!"

And I'm only slightly exaggerating some of this...because we were in L.A., the normal six degrees of separation from famous people was reduced to like a point three degrees. The air was tingling with famous-ness. Or maybe it was the downed electrical cable laying in the puddle nearby. Hmmm.

SO, a big wet-lipped kiss to the Cru and the gorgeous people who showed up for the sale. Especially the guy in line who yelled, "You said you were opening at noon!" when we tried to go put on deoderant. You, my friend, are a treasure.

It was the most fun I've ever had in a parking lot, and I've been to some damn fine parking lots, sooo...

Were you there? Do you wish you were? And who bought my hippo cookie jar? Can I please buy it back?

p.s.-all photos stolen without written or verbal permission from anyone. Sorry.


  1. that's a great shot of morgan:) i am still dying that i missed this. not sure why you spelled crew as "Cru" but it's very coincidental that the reason i missed the sale is to become the godparent of my friend's kid named Cru. random. do another one! also, we were up at morgan's casa working on a project a while back and she told me you live in la mesa... we are neighbors!

  2. Hey, that's right! She mentioned that--she was talking about that wood slab for WEEKS!
    I would love to do another sale, and soon. Somehow the "extra space" it was meant to give me in storage didn't materialize. I have enough good stuff for 3 more sales! Maybe we should do it in SD this time?
    Cru-that's like, 80s gangsta talk. But also now some cool kid's name!

  3. YES! do a san diego sale! we should chat and maybe i can get my hubby to pull together some wood slab creations for it. once you've recovered from this one, that is.

  4. oh man. this just melted my little heart. i adore you guys. :)


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