Thursday, May 26, 2011

George Nelson and whatnot

I completely forgot to post about the mind-blowing rosewood Westnofa platform bed:

and dresser set I had

And now it's gone forever. I cried a little.

Today I've just listed another Uchida Z chair and ottoman, some fabulous little nightstands, a long, sleek, sculptural walnut credenza, and....

A George Nelson design for American of Martinsville

Did you know he designed for other manufacturers? No you didn't.

I think that purpley upholstery is a giveaway. Very Nelson.

Some beautiful grasscloth never hurts...

Ooh, swirly!


In the shop right this hot little minute!


  1. Gorgeous pieces. I admire the strength it must take to say good-bye.

  2. There's no proof whatsoever that George Nelson designed those pieces for American of Martinsville.

    1. I agree. You shouldn't be listing these as George Nelson when they aren't.

  3. The rosewood is so beautiful it hurts a little to look at. I really need me some of that oiled goodness.

  4. Thanks Tanya, it's true, I am a survivor!

    Dearest Anonymous, all the top dealers and auction houses in the nation are wrong and you are right. Yes, that must be the case.

    MFG-part of the eye pain may be my lacking photo skills...Morgan keeps saying she's gonna teach me...

  5. dude. that credenza is effing amazing!

  6. Julia-right? And you're a girl who can appreciate good wood (and I mean nothing nasty by that!)

  7. I never believed George Nelson designed those pieces... until I happened to buy one cheap and now want to sell it.
    Now I am convinced Nelson designed it.

  8. nelson never designed for martinsville... this is a known fact...and if he did then I passed up on $30,000 worth of stuff this week lolz martinsville was cheaper furniture that was mass produced and sold in retail stores not furniture for the wealthy and fashion savvy people but furniture meant to emulate that...and the auction houses are wrong because everyone wants to believe that these common tables and such are worth more because they are so easy to come across.
    check any nelson catalog or book, there is no mention of it AT ALL!!!!!!
    and any high end furniture reseller should be careful selling miss represented items...As the person spending 2,000 on it might sue you once they have it appraised and it comes back to being a $200 mass produced table. etc.
    let auction houses take the hit, alwayssss do your own research and take the time to educate your self before you find your self in court. I can spend 20 mins online and grade my own diamond ring and list my findings but if they have it appraised and find it was a piece of glass not a diamond i will be getting ass raped in court.

  9. I just picked up a Martinsville "George Nelson" end table at the local thrift. Very thin walnut veneer over crumbling chipboard.


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