Monday, June 21, 2010

Sand Bucket List

Tomorrow I'm going in for that oral surgery that I creeped you out with in a previous post. I'll say no more. Except, to gross you out, I'll just say "BONE GRAFT!" "INCISIONS!" "NEEDLES!" "IN MY MOUTH!"

As if I'm being executed tomorrow, I have this urge to do EVERYTHING I WANT TO DO THIS SUMMER TODAY before it's too late.

I intended to:

sleep in
walk the dog at the lake
paint my master bathroom
reupholster a bench
go out for Vietnamese French sandwiches
go to the beach
have a picnic in Mission Hills
go out for sangria and tapas happy hour at Costa Brava

I got a little stuck after number one. Now I'm skipping straight to number five. Hey, it's my bucket dude.


  1. gahhh! good luck.
    haha. today is quite the list day. it can be hard to get past item one.

    wait, where are you getting sandwhiches from? those are the sandwhiches i had from miho gastrotruck.

  2. You're kidding?? I am going to track down that truck...oooh, maybe they can cater my anniversary party...
    We go to K's near Mesa College for the sandwiches.

  3. Miho's Vietnamese sandwiches are waaaaay disappointing. I SO wanted to like them, but their food was mediocre at best.
    Can I bring you a smoothie after your surgery? Let me know.

  4. That IS's new though, right? Maybe I'll track it down in a month and see what I think.
    Thanks for the offer-I'll let you know (how 'bout creme brulee??)

  5. Hope all goes well with your surgery!

  6. so did you go for bovine or human grafting...just morbidly curious. hope it all goes well and that you'll be enjoying tortilla chips and jaw breakers in no time. mOnO

  7. mOnO, dude didn't even ask which one I wanted! So rude. Guess it was chef's choice...I don't even want to think about it.
    I can lick Doritos, but it's gonna be a while before I can do more than that!


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