Monday, June 7, 2010

Not a moment too soon...

Mamas all over the country are experiencing the adult version of senior-itis; as the school year creaks to an agonizingly slow and expensive close, the kids show up a few minutes later to school, the lunches are packed with slightly less care than at the beginning of the year (aw heck, we know those organic carrots are never gonna see anyone's mouth!), the homework is done but barely, and certainly not double-checked, and the "driving the carpool outfit" which at the beginning of the year at least included a bra, headband, and large dark glasses, is now dangerously close to resembling homelessness. Heaven forbid we need to stop for gas.

I just caught myself entertaining the idea of booking a table at an expensive beach-side restaurant for my son's 5th grade graduation, and then promptly slapped my own self and said, "Are you crazy, man?". I brought snacks, unbidden, to the talent show rehearsal today because I was worried that all the kids were hungry. It needs to stop.

And if I should find myself without work, chores, obligations, and a carload of pre-teens one glorious day this summer, I hope to be attired in the following (and if that bag comes packed with a good book, goat cheese, baguette, and sangria, allllllll the better my friends). I will cruise around some little seaside town on my vintage bike until I find a shady and restful spot, and there you will find me.....anxiously making a to-do list.

Bike photo-Chic Cyclists
Bag-Sea Bags


  1. ". . . .is now dangerously close to resembling homelessness. Heaven forbid we need to stop for gas." Thanks for the belly laugh!

  2. Ummmmm, just one minute here. you do have kids, right? Please tell me how you are able to pull off a summer cruising on your vintage bike in an adorable dress, napping under trees and eating fabulous food. Dish.

  3. Anonymous-I'm glad my real-life adventures in carpooling and sliding standards are so entertaining :)

  4. Oh, Anonymous you think I'm being literal??? Hahahahahaha! No.
    My bike is in the backyard, grown over by a giant lazy susan vine.
    I'll nap when I'm dead.
    The only chance I have of finding myself dressed in a matching nautical outfit is if I'm kidnapped by the Marines.
    I will spend the summer eating the last three bites of Trader Joe's shells n cheddar out of the pan and calling it "lunch". If eating it outside while I weed the roses qualifies it as "alfresco" then yes, I'll be dining under trees. Can't hardly wait ;)

  5. Dude. You make me laugh.

  6. hahah! How about I bring the sangria and we can hide out in the tree house?

  7. Travelgirl, can the tree house be in Costa Rica?


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