Monday, June 14, 2010

Liminal Advertising

It's the opposite of subliminal, right?

I sometimes forget to tell you about the rad pieces I have on Ebay.

By the way, I'm an awesome seller and you shouldn't hesitate to buy from me....I will carry your purchase on my head to your house if that's what it takes to get it delivered safely, and once there I will kiss your baby and mow your lawn. I even send extra gifts to courteous buyers because courtesy MAKES MY DAY!

But really, it's so important to buy from someone with experience, insurance, and a legitimate business presence on Ebay (that means they'll bend over backwards to make you happy, because it's how they make their living). Otherwise, you can be the unhappy recipient of all kinds of fraud and chaos.

Prices have really come down and there are some great bargains to be had, so don't be afraid to shop!


  1. Welcome back (to your store)! Nice photos and everything's gorgeous. Looks like you've got some bidding started already, so good luck!

  2. sarah, is it inappropriate to say that you're supportive like a good bra? ;)

  3. The store is looking SWANKY! That midcentury table is absolutely divine, and I love the liminal advertising approach. And any blogger who is supportive like a good bra is worth their weight in Eames ottomons.

    And P.S...thanks for the lovely comment. I'm all for constructive criticism and I certainly don't expect everyone to like those paintings, but, SERIOUSLY? So thanks for being supportive. Like a good bra.


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