Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shop Updates and Blogger Protest

Allow me first to register my discontent with the new Blogger format.  I don't recognize ANYTHING.  It took me half an hour to click on the right symbol to compose a new post.  I feel like I woke up and found my family replaced by strangers and I'm like, "Where the heck did my family go?" and the strangers are like, "We are your family, you're the crazy one."  And then Rod Serling voice-overs me going nuts and being taken away in a 1965 Chevy Valiant police car.

In case you're a kid, that's a Twilight Zone reference.

Speaking of 1965, the shop will be full of great pieces this evening.  And as soon as I re-learn everything I thought I knew about Blogger, these photos will be larger!


1940s Paul Frankl Machine Age x-pull dresser in ebonized, cerused oak

Rare Milo Baughman recliner, refinished

Swedish Ystad-Metall Brass Candleholders

Rare Upsala-Ekeby vase by Mari Simmulson

Gold plated Mid Century BMF Nagel (?) candleholder

Mid Century studio pottery with orange lava glaze

Vintage Queen-size "Rainier National Park" Pendleton blanket

Unusual and very vintage Hudson's Bay 4 point blanket in heather blue and olive green

Pair Mid Century butterfly chairs with new black covers

Pair Art Deco Italian marble bookends

Some of these are available now with fixed pricing, and the rest will be available this evening in auction format.  

On that subject, do you prefer fixed prices or auctions?  People are always asking me to set fixed prices, but my listings are usually only successful in auction format!  Conundrum!



  1. It was interesting to me at the resource party that you were contemplating making a change in the way you sell and thinking of possibly opening a shop. I buy a bunch of stuff on Ebay and I have favorite sellers that I go to for specific items. It is so much better for me that way. Even though it is Ebay I think people can still develop their brand there, especially if your brand is specific. My favorite seller has had articles written about her in LA Times and I've seen chatter about her in the blog world, still the only way she sells is through Ebay, fixed pricing. I still do buy things on Auction, but prefer the fixed priced items, less stressful from a buyer perspective.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I think you're right-there is some opportunity for branding and customer loyalty on Ebay, maybe just not as much as a stand-alone store would have. It does help to have a very specific "look" so that people know who you are and what they can expect from you. Maybe that's something I should focus on.
      I completely prefer fixed pricing too, but I get very mixed results with fixed price listings. Hmmm, so many things to think about ;)


    i like fixed.

  3. where are my lamps??????????????????

    1. You're off the chairs now, and onto the lamps? I thought we might tradesies the other two butterfly chairs...hmmmmm....

  4. i would be all over that recliner if i didn't have two kids under the age of 4 + i see you went for the candlesticks. i have been dreaming about a set of butterfly chairs - i am still sore at my mother for selling hers - don't even ask. i also wish i had a paypal account that some richy-rich accidentally deposited money into from time to time.

    1. White is totally appropriate for toddlers! They get to "decorate" it encourages creativity!
      My mom sold hers, too. How dare she not hoard everything we ever owned for my later use!!
      What you're looking for, my friend, is called a sugar daddy. Let me know if you find one!

  5. I want ALL THE THINGS.

    Generally, I like fixed. But that could be because it appeals to my rule-following, OCD, know-the-price-and-pay-that-price nature...

    1. A lot of people aren't comfortable with the unknown gamble of's an adrenaline-filled activity wrought with danger and mayhem!!

  6. Replies
    1. Don't be fooled! You know how this works...months of vintage wasteland, sudden deluge, then back to wasteland!

  7. rod serling/twilight zone = best show ever. that vase is rad. as a seller i prefer auctions because i might score a deal as a buyer (but then i might also pay way more than i intended because of an adrenaline rush and/or a bidding war with some asshole trying to steal my shit) and as a seller, i stand to make more than i originally thought something would sell for. i think there's a place for a mix of both for sure. dusty's dad has a guitar shop (plug for dusty's guitar in oside!!) and he makes a good chunk of his money from eBay (possibly the majority of it) and i don't see him leaving. don't leave eBay is my advice. as Too $hort said, "get it while the gettin' is good, get it while you can. you should be gettin' it." so wise.

    1. *scuse me... i meant as a BUYER i prefer auctions for the chance of scoring a deal...

    2. Thank you for that timely advice from a rapper (?) that I am too old to know about. Strangely, it made a lot of sense.
      I have a pot for you, nerd!


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