Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feet Leave the Ground

Sorry the Haus has been so quiet!  
There's the usual intense internal dialogue going about some major things...I've been a real Thinker Thinkerton over here, but have felt much more private lately.  Weird, huh?

At the end of the day yesterday, after Pizza Port-ing and butterfly sightings at the beach, we pulled over at a quiet spot so the boys could surf.  There wasn't much surf to speak of, but their skinny, flu-weakened arms couldn't have handled much anyhow.

Every time I look at Sage now, I think of the word akimbo.  He's all lines and angles and I think to myself, "Arms akimbo!"

I watched him running towards the water yesterday, and for a brief moment as he jumped over a pile of seaweed, he was airborne.
I thought, that's how you know you're happy; when your feet leave the ground.

I used to love to open a book when they surfed, but I don't do that anymore (and yes, I do plan to join them!)

I watch, and I soak it up.  Remember in the beginning when you would watch them breathe?  You do it at the end, too.



  1. Love this, love my kids, this beach was made for this photograph....late afternoon sun and family.

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  3. Sweet. I confess I watched Thing Two sleeping in the treehouse this weekend, just like in the bebe days.

    I took surfing lessons once and I was NOT the star pupil I'd hoped I'd be. If we ever leave the mountains and hills for a coast again, we'll have to try again en famille!

    1. Aww, that's b/c you're such a lovely mama.
      Surfing is SO not the thing you're instantly good at. Those guys are out there daily, for years on end, before they start to look effortless! Honestly I'm terrified of it and don't know why! Falling in water isn't painful. I guess I don't want to look stupid! Come visit Chez Haus and put those Things in surf camp!

    2. when boards hit you on the head it is painful.

  4. I always wonder that, when I go in and check on the kids before bed, if there will come a time when I will no longer do it anymore. Sounds like I probably always will :) I have to admit, seeing them sleeping makes my heart melt, every time.

  5. wait. how warm is the water????

  6. You should totally surf! Once you learned how, you would love it! Plus it's a great workout. :)


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