Thursday, May 10, 2012

CHAIR TOWN {leather, linen, chrome, wool, and sling!)

Have you noticed that vintage stuff travels in packs?  Some weeks I'm up to my armpits in lamp after beautiful lamp.  Some weeks everything is marble.  This week, the vintage world is trying to tell me to take it sending me chairs.

I have a pair of these chrome beauties.  Yesterday I designed and sewed up the blue felted wool sling to sleek them up.  The previous upholstery was a huge, thick padded affair done in mauve (or "private parts pink" as I like to call it) RV fabric.  Now they are lithe and sexy, like chrome and wool ballerinas!

I'm not joking-these are SO comfortable!  I am thinking of designing a narrow built-in pillow at the top.  What do you think?

Because they're slings, they don't look deep enough until you sit in them.  Kind of sculptural, no?  I have to iron those suckers, but I couldn't wait to show you!!

This heathered blue wool is my new favorite fabric.  Like soft focus lighting, it makes everything else around it look gorgeous!  It looks SO GOOD with my "trick, it's not a Beni Ourain it's from Pottery Barn" rug.

I also ran like the wind a few days ago to pick up these handsome chrome chairs.

The upholstery has that great, streamlined Mid Century version of tufting.  The color is caramel with a hint of orange?  But not TOO orange.  I understand everything better when put into food terms.  How 'bout you?

These suckers are HEAVY.  Neat-o, thick chrome frames.  I'm thinking Milo Baughman (pronounced Bowman if you're new to the game, Boffman if you're in-the-know, and Boggman if you're a retarded estate sale lady).

I have to verify this, though.  Seriously Baughman, you designed so many chairs.  Help a girl out-make a master list?!

Speaking of Boggman, did you know DWR is reproducing his recliner?  For $2800???  For a less-well-made repro??

Do people buy these things?  I can't imagine why, with beautifully restored originals going for half that!  Now that I mention it, I have one that I'll be listing this evening.  What a coincidence!

This is documented Milo Baughman, but a very unusual piece.  It took me weeks to authenticate because, well, there is like one other one out there.  The arms are really wide, sculptural, solid walnut, and the upholstery is much more substantial than on the more common version.  It's been profesh redone (meaning, not by me) in a nubby off-white material that makes you fall asleep when you touch it, and the mechanics have been cleaned, oiled, and checked for smooth reclinability.  Mmmhmmm,  that's a word.

Furthermore, there is this chair:

It looks like Paul McCobb, but "looks like" is as far as I got in the authentication process.

I had it rebuilt and re-done in a heavy, charcoal grey linen.  It is brand new, but better.  Because it is brand new old, which means it will last for 300 more years.

It pairs well with a sheepskin and an ethnic pillow.  Probably any ethnicity will do.

Bleached out-looking because Instagram, y'all.

So, one may ask, "Where can I get all these fine sitting devices?"

Well, only the off-white Baughman/Bowman/Boggman recliner will be in the shop tonight.

The others will probably be listed soon, but you can also email (, text, Tweet (modernhaus), or Intsagram (modernhaus) message me if you just can't wait.

You probably want to get your hands on my creations now, before I totally blow up.  I'm already super-big in Upstate New York, the gateway to design fame as we all know.

Over and out.


  1. Replies
    1. Shhhhh, if you're really quiet you can hear them too!

  2. You are so lucky. I've been thrifting all week and lemme tell you.....Busted. Crapola, nuthin. Although all I have to do is look in the warehouse and I think to myself, "what the hell are you doin" I'll be eighty before I sell all this stuff. But I gotta say those are some rad lookin chairs you got yourself there!!! And you upholster too? What can't you do?????

  3. I'm realizing the thrill of the hunt is the compulsion...once I've found it and bought it, I don't really care about it anymore! I'm like a guy who serial dates women..."I've had her, now I want to go out and find something new and shiny!"
    It's a sickness. Having a warehouse is permission to indulge the sickness!!
    I can sew, but not really upholster (very well). There are so many things I can't do...that list goes on forEVER. Thanks for checking in m'lady!

  4. Pssst . . . Doesn't Morgan over at Brick House have the recliner that matches those Baughman chairs?

    You SO make me wish I lived on the West Coast!!!!!


    1. Hmm, maybe a while back??

      Ha! Well, the green grass and nice people make me wish I lived on the East Coast (or in the South)!

  5. just sell me the orange babies and call it a day

  6. Hey, we've chatted on Instagram, and I somehow only just now "discovered" your blog! It's awesome! I love all your chairs. (And thanks to The Brick House for linking to you!) So many exclamation points! Point is: great blog, great chairs, glad to have found you.


    PS. My favorite looks-like-it-could-be-designer chair find: >> thonet chair makeover

    1. I really need to set my blog up so I get comment alerts! Sorry it took me so long to see this! It's so nice to move a relationship beyond Instagram...going to scoot by your blog now...'scuse me!

  7. Cereal?!?! Where do you find this stuff? I am coming out to SD this weekend, can you tell me the best places to find amazeballs stuff?

  8. Also, on a scale of 1-10 how hard is the L. Adelman chandelier?

    1. Hey there! We've been sick as dogs...sorry I missed your questions!
      If you're still here, or are coming back, email me and I'll give you some ideas (it kind of depends on what you want?)

      The Adelman was EASY! No power tools or special skills needed. The problem we ran into was trying to get so much wiring through the very narrow central rod and then threading into the arms without stripping the wire coating. We ended up using a thinner wire than called for...I think it's referred to as vacuum wire? If you're worried about that part, I would buy the parts, put it together and then take it to a lamp repair place and ask them to wire it for me?? Or get an electrically-talented buddy?

  9. This is pretty interesting specially the white mattress. I guess I might enjoy my stay there.


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