Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If by "winding down" you mean going crazy, also eBay

There's no way you can say that the end of a school year "winds down". That implies that something is gradually slowing down until it completely stops.

If by winding down they mean a manic two week frenzy of events, finals, yearbooks, daily demands for more volunteers and money ("if every parents donates $100, twenty hours of time, and all the supplies, we can make this school carnival a raging success!"), "balloon bouquets" attacking you from behind while you try maneuvering your car to the 10th graduation ceremony that week, a gaggle of kids that no longer view a crisp $10 bill and a pat on the back as an acceptable gift, all culminating in a huge Costco sheetcake-fueled nervous breakdown in somebody's streamer-bedecked garage, well yes, then I guess things ARE winding down over here.

But this year I am prepared. A little more than a week from now, I'll be luxuriating in my rented Mid-Century Palm Springs house, and there will be absolutely no balloons or sheetcakes allowed. Here's a peek of where I'll be staying:

Meanwhile I've managed to get a bit of work accomplished, although I'm not sure it matters. With all the events everyone has going on, eBay is getting as much traffic as Charlie Sheen's parenting website. Actually, less. No, he doesn't really have one. I made that up.

Check the store here.

Huge, chunky, wild 70s Danish teak dining table:

Set of eight comfortable Danish chairs:

Some vintage campaign furniture:

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  1. Summer,

    Heehee. That's what you get for sending your kids to a nice school. (Kidding. But, then again, not really.)
    Your vacay house looks awesome. And, oh, the date shakes to be had not that far from Palm Springs - drool...
    We're headed out to San Diego on July 10th, staying at Point Loma near OB again (our usual hostel - we adore it!). My belly's getting bigger and bigger so I'm just going to feed it and work on my tan/burn. That's the plan.
    I would love to guest post sometime! Maybe we can chitchat about topics. Are you on Facebook (because I would totally friend you)?



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