Wednesday, June 8, 2011

D. I. Why Am I Doing This?

There are a lot of projects I just can't wrap my head around tackling right now. I was in the fabric store yesterday and I gave myself a talking to: "You do NOT want to try and sew yourself something right now. You will not finish it. No. Don't argue. You WILL NOT!"

I know that some of you are KRAFTY with a capital K and can't touch anything without folding it into a cute shape and letterpressing it with your self-designed logos. You are awesome.

The poopy news about running a (non-crafty) business and living with giant hungry children is that wood-blocking my own drapes is going to have to wait. Lena Corwin's awesome book taunts me from the coffee table every night as I slip into a late-night KPBS/cheese coma.

I will battle my textile demons later.

But for now, there has to be something fun, easy, and REALLY, REALLY quick for the rest of us right?

YES! I love this idea. It takes like $1 and ten seconds. Even I can afford it.

Use a glue gun to apply lettering or patterns to an old glass jar and spray paint over it. How awesome for a party? Save your old Trader Joe's jars, paint them all the same color, and then group them together for centerpieces! You could glue-gun the bride's new monogram for a bridal shower, a baby's name for a babyshower, or just do modern geometric shapes and paint black or gray for something modern.

For custom-colored utensils, buy a bunch from the dollar store, tape off the tops and spray the handles (or dip if you have old cans of house paint to use).

I don't know if it would hold up in the dishwasher, but who cares? It's cheaper than renting utensils, and probably the same price as buying "good" plastic stuff!

O.K., so these are the craft version of serving olives with toothpicks as "appetizers" but who cares? It's quick and salty, and gosh darn it, if everyone is drinking they won't notice you were being lazy.


  1. Oh LOL I have that argument with myself in the sewing store too! The jars and cutlery both look great, thx for the tip.

  2. Summer,

    I have that same dresser bookmarked! I love it, and that's why I first fell in love with my Marimekko sheets. Dwell makes a really gorgeous duvet along those lines that I've been lusting after as well:

    And Flor has gorgeous carpet tiles in the same aesthetic:


    I finally started using my fabric stash up for the nursery:

    And I love the painted silverware idea. I've been obsessing over vintage wooden clothes pins, and dipping them in paint. (Insert mental picture here.)

    D.I.Why? strikes me as the creative person's remorse: Why can't I do the things that I think I want to do, instead of re-watching StarGate SG-1 and ignoring the ugly piles of boxes in our guest room?

    But since you just co-hosted an amazing furniture/terrarium/MCM show so I think you probably deserve a break. Putting up eye candy for the rest of us is work enough, along with making ginormous cookies.


  3. I have that book as well and there is so much to do in it. Have you done any of the projects? I started with making stamps and they are super easy and can be used for so many things. Its not as awesome looking as screen printing, but so easy. I bought some adhesive backed foam sheets at Wal- mart for pretty cheap and then had some pieces of plexiglass cut at Lowe's to put your stamps on and viola! done. I've stamped stationary, sheets and pillowcases, paper, shirts, all kinds of uses. Really fun.

  4. You are SO awesome!

  5. Sarah you need to guest blog for me, like five days a week. And StarGate?? Really??

    Gosh industrious Anonymous, send a lady some pictures will you? Heck no I haven't done any of those rad projects yet!

    Complimentary Anonymous, not even close to being true but I love you for saying so!

  6. Love love the jar and spoons ideas. I never can find these ideas when I need em.


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